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2008 So Far...

Yeah so I'm bored and decided to update for everyone...

In my opinion, not much has happened since my last update. But I guess I have been up to some things. I welcomed the New Year in, visited Wesleyan a couple of times, went to my friends baby shower, went to my sister's graduation, and a whole slew of other things.

For New Years, I went with my friend to a couple of her friends' houses to welcome 2008. The theme of the night was "Happy New Years... It's Still Gonna Suck!" There was a lot of drinking going on at both places but it was fun. I had a good time.

Then, throughout the 'semester,' I visited Wesleyan twice. I decided to make a last minute appearance for the Kappa Phi formal. I had a great time seeing and catching up with everyone at the dance. I of course stayed at my friend LaShawn's room for the weekend. I won't have that next year ::tear::. We also went out to Allburghers for St. Paddy's Day. I think I finally found a bar I like. To bad it's after I graduated from down there. The next time I visited was for Spring Sing weekend. I went down Saturday instead of Friday so that I could celebrate my friend Val's birthday at Jay's. When I got down there, LaShawn and I went to a tea Kappa Phi decided to do. So I got to see some great alum again. Later that evening we went to Spring Sing. Too bad the air wasn't working and we were there for 4 hours. The show was Disney themed and was great to watch. Both trips were a great time.

Gretchen's baby shower was up next. She is having a baby girl and her name will be Olivia! She's due in the next couple of weeks. It's a bit weird when your freinds are married and start having kids when you yourself aren't even close to being engaged to anyone right now. But I am happy for her :o) The shower was a great time and was my first one! She had an awesome cake there that was beautiful and had the same filling as her wedding cake. The same woman did it and did a great job once again. Gretchen and Dan got a lot of nice things for the baby and I know all of them will help them a great bit!

A more recent event was my sister's graduation. That was last weekend. She got a very nice award from the school and accepted it in front of the whole audience. I took lots of photos and maybe one day I'll post them over on Facebook. Then we moved her out of her dorm before coming home. Sadly, that same day our dog that had Cancer passed. RIP Rusty...

On the job front... I STILL have NOT been hired. I will probably be quitting here in the next couple of weeks and they deserve it. There is a new job prospective out there and I guess I'll see what comes of that.

OH! and the summer movie season has begun! Yay!!!!! I've seen Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Both are excellent movies and I'd definately recommend them to people! There are some other ones out right now I'd like to see but I might not get to see those until they come out on DVD this fall. There are also a lot of movies I want to see that are coming out. The one I am most looking forward to is The Dark Knight. I can't wait until that comes out!

Well a few other things have happened since my last update but I think this is good for now. If I get really bored maybe I'll come back on here and update some more.

In upcoming news: My sister is moving to North Carolina to teach, the 4th of July, my birthday, and tomorrow I am going to visit a friend that I haven't seen since 2001. Tomorrow we are going to go the Cheesecake factory and see a movie! I'm really looking forward to that tomorrow :O) That's enough for now!

Quote of the day:
"To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour."
~William Blake
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