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Happy Birthday to me!

Totally just got back from Red Lobster and had a strawberry daiquari... Yay for Daiquaris! Hence the icon of Hide the Rum :O)

Yeah it's my birthday today... the BIG 22 oooOOOOOOoooo lol really not that big.. honestly... Not like I'm gonna do much today anyways.. Debating on whether I want another drink or if I want to go up to Kohl's once it's out of my system.. Big sale up there today!

Nothing much is new.. been working a lot... Tis my life lately but won't be for much longer. I am suppose to be training the new temp to take my position when I go back to school (which makes me sad by the way that someone is "replacing" me). However, the first temp that came seemed like she would work out and said she'd be back... but basically lied to us and called the temp agency to tell them she wasnt coming back so :op to her. Tuesday brought another temp and she stayed for 2 days so far woohoo... I'm pretty sure she's gonna be the temp that stays and I finish training. However, I am running out of stuff for both of us to do/train on so the rest of the week should be fun. I'm suppose to work for the rest of this week and then I'm doing 2 days next week. Earlier in the week I plan on going out to my mom's place til about wednesday.

In other news.... In case no one noticed... it's freaking hot outside! Totally hiding in the basement where it's about 25 degrees cooler than my room (seriously). I really do wish I had my pool again!

What else... well the school cancelled my science in the fall so I had to find another class to replace that one. So now I'm in People's Republic of China ::headdesk:: Really the only choice I had so that I have a chance to graduate on time. So I'm doing my global in the fall instead of my science... woohoo... not! But oh well.. Should be entertaining.

The bridal shower is on it's way and is set for Aug. 13th... oh yippee.. can't wait lol I really can't wait for the wedding to be over so my stress level drops... But that's exactly 1 month away from today so I have to wait.

So not much else is going on... Like I said before the things that are coming up include many many birthdays, the bridal shower, my last day of work, a trip to Gettysburg, starting classes again, and the wedding. I may or may not update before next month... Guess it depends on whether I'm bored if I have more RUM Daiquaries :O)

Quote of the day:
"Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!"
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